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Landon, C ; Barbault, F ; Legrain, M ; Menin, L ; Guenneugues, M ; Schott, V ; Vovelle, F ; Dimarcq, JL

Lead optimization of antifungal peptides with 3D NMR structures analysis

Protein Science 13 (3) 703-713

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Abstract :

Antimicrobial peptides are key components of the innate immune response in most multicellular organisms. These molecules are considered as one of the most innovative class of anti-infective agents that have been discovered over the last two decades, and therefore, as a source of inspiration for novel drug design. Insect cystein-rich antimicrobial peptides with the CSaß scaffold (an a-helix linked to a ß-sheet by two disulfide bridges) represent particularly attractive templates for the development of systemic agents owing to their remarkable resistance to protease degradation.