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Dubois, L ; Da Silva, P ; Landon, C ; Huber, JG ; Ponchet, M ; Vovelle, F ; Berthault, P ; Desvaux, H

Probing the hydrophobic cavity of Lipid Transfer Protein from Nicotiana tabacum through xenon-based NMR spectroscopy

Journal of The American Chemical Society 126 (48) 15738-15746

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Abstract :

The hydrophobic cavity of Lipid Transfer Protein 1 from Nicotiana tabacum is investigated in detail by NMR using xenon as a spy. The analysis of the Xe-129 chemical shifts and self-relaxation times gives evidence of protein-xenon interaction. Thermodynamics of the binding is characterized through the study of aliphatic H-1 and C-13 chemical shift variation as a function of xenon pressure. The binding constant is evaluated to 75.5 +/- 1.0 M-1 at 293 K. The location of xenon inside the cavity is deduced from SPINOE experiments.