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Feofanov, A ; Sharonov, G ; Grichine, A ; Karmakova, T ; Pljutinskaya, A ; Lebedeva, V ; Ruziyev, R ; Yakubovskaya, R ; Mironov, A ; Refregier, M ; Maurizot, JC ; Vigny, P

Comparative study of photodynamic properties of 13,15-N-cycloimide derivatives of chlorin p6

Photochemistry and Photobiology 79 (2) 172-188

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Abstract :

Comparative study of 13,15-[N-(2-hydroxyethyl)]cycloimide chlorin p6 (2), 13,15-(N-acetoxy)cycloimide chlorin p6 (3), 13,15-(N-hydroxy)cycloimide chlorin p6 methyl ester (4) and 13,15-(N-methoxy)cycloimide chlorin p6 methyll ester (5) together with the previously investigated 13,15-[N-(3-hydroxypropyl)]cycloimide chlorin p6 (1) was performed. The dependence of the key photodynamic properties of 1-5 on the introduced substituents was analyzed. The photoinduced cell-killing activity of 4 is 100- and 280-fold higher than that of chlorin p6 and Photogem, respectively, as estimated on A549 human lung adenocarcinoma cells.