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Herlidou, G ; Grebe, R ; Grados, F ; Lecuyer, N ; Fardellone, F ; Meyer, ME

Influence of age and osteoporosis on calcaneus trabecular bone structure. A preliminary in vivo MRI study by quantitative texture analysis.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging 22(2) 237-243

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Abstract :

Recent developments in high-resolution MR imaging techniques have opened up new perspectives for structural characterization of trabecular bone by non-invasive methods. In this study, 3-D MR imaging was performed on 17 healthy volunteers and 6 osteoporotic patients. Two different MR sequences were used to evaluate the impact on MR acquisition on texture analysis results. Images were analyzed with four automated methods of texture analysis (grey level histogram, cooccurrence, runlength and gradient matrices) enabling quantitative analysis of grey level intensity and distribution within three different regions of interest (ROI).