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Goncalves, C ; Mennesson, E ; Fuchs, R ; Gorvel, JP ; Midoux, P ; Pichon, C

Macropinocytosis of polyplexes and recycling of plasmid via the clathrin-dependent pathway impair the transfection efficiency of human hepatocarcinoma cells

Molecular Therapy 10 (2) 373-385

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Abstract :

Knowledge of the entry mechanism and intracellular routing of polyplexes is of major importance for designing efficient gene delivery systems. We therefore investigated the internalization and trafficking of polyplexes in HepG2 cells. pDNA encoding the luciferase was complexed with histidylated polylysine (His-pLK), a polymer that requires acidic pH for pDNA endosomal release. Fluoresceinylated polyplexes (F-His-pLK or F-pDNA) were internalized by clathrin-dependent and -independent pathways.