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Grosse, S; Aron, Y; Honore, I; Thevenot, G; Danel, C; Roche, AC; Monsigny, M; Fajac, I

Lactosylated polyethylenimine for gene transfer into airway epithelial cells: role of the sugar moiety in cell delivery and intracellular trafficking of the complexes

Journal of Gene Medicine 6 (3) 345-356

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Background As we have previously shown that lactosylated polyethylenimine (PEI) is the most efficient glycosylated PEI for gene transfer into human airway epithelial cells in primary culture, we have studied here the role of the lactose residue in the enhancement of gene transfer efficiency observed with lactosylated PEI as compared with unsubstituted PEI in immortalized (SigmaCFTE29o- cells) and primary human airway epithelial cells. Methods and results After three transfections of 1 h performed daily, 60% of SigmaCFTE29o- cells were transfected with lactosylated PEI, whereas 25% of cells were transfected with unsubstituted PEI (p