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Dalziel, M ; Dall’Olio, F ; Mungul, A ; Piller, V ; Piller, F

Ras oncogene induces beta-galactoside alpha 2,6-sialyltransferase (ST6Gal I) via a RalGEF-mediated signal to its housekeeping promoter

European Journal of Biochemistry 271 (18) 3623-3634

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Abstract :

Several oncogenic proteins are known to influence cellular glycosylation. In particular, transfection of codon 12 point mutated H-Ras increases CMP-Neu5Ac : Galbeta1,4GlcNAc alpha2,6-sialyltransferase I (ST6Gal I) activity in rodent fibroblasts. Given that Ras mediates its effects through at least three secondary effector pathways (Raf, RalGEFs and PI3K) and that transcriptional control of mouse ST6Gal I is achieved by the selective use of multiple promoters, we attempted to identify which of these parameters are involved in linking the Ras signal to ST6Gal I gene transcription in mouse fibroblasts. Transformation by human K-Ras or H-Ras (S12 and V12 point mutations, respectively) results in a 10-fold increase in ST6Gal I mRNA, but no alteration in the expression of related sialyltransferases.