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Smirnov, P ; Gazeau, F ; Lewin, M ; Bacri, JC ; Siauve, N ; Vayssettes, C ; Cuenod, CA ; Clement, O

In vivo cellular Imaging of magnetically labeled hybridomas in the spleen with a 1.5-T clinical MRI system

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 52 (1) 73-79

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Abstract :

The feasibility of in vivo cellular imaging using a 1.5 T clinical magnet was studied in the mouse. Hybridoma cells were labeled with anionic ?-Fe2O3 superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles. These were internalized by the endocytose pathway. Both electron spin resonance and magnetophoresis as a measure of the labeled cells migration velocity under a magnetic field were used to quantify particle uptake. A fast (