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Duneau, M ; Boyer-Guittaut, M ; Gonzalez, P ; Charpentier, S ; Normand, T ; Dubois, M ; Raimond, J ; Legrand, A

Galig, a novel cell death gene that encodes a mitochondrial protein promoting cytochrome c release

Experimental Cell Research 302 (2) 194-205

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Abstract :

Galectin-3 internal gene (Galig) was recently identified as an internal gene transcribed from the second intron of the human galectin-3 gene that is implicated in cell growth, cell differentiation, and cancer development. In this study, we show that galig expression causes morphological alterations in human cells, such as cell shrinkage, cytoplasm vacuolization, nuclei condensation, and ultimately cell death. These alterations were associated with extramitochondrial release of cytochrome c, a known cell death effector.