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Dejardin, J ; Rappailles, A ; Cuvier, O ; Grimaud, C ; Decoville, M ; Locker, D ; Cavalli, G

Recruitment of Drosophila Polycomb group proteins to chromatin by DSP1

Nature 434 (7032) 533-538

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Abstract :

Polycomb and trithorax group (PcG and trxG) proteins maintain silent and active transcriptional states, respectively, throughout development(1). In Drosophila, PcG and trxG proteins associate with DNA regions named Polycomb and trithorax response elements (PRE and TRE), but the mechanisms of recruitment are unknown. We previously characterized a minimal element from the regulatory region of the Abdominal-B gene, termed Ab-Fab. Ab-Fab contains a PRE and a TRE and is able to maintain repressed or active chromatin states during development(2).