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Momken, I ; Lechene, P ; Koulmann, N ; Fortin, D ; Mateo, P ; Doan, BT ; Hoerter, J ; Bigard, X ; Veksler, V ; Ventura-Clapier, R

Impaired voluntary running capacity of creatine kinase-deficient mice

Journal of Physiology-London 565 (3) 951-964

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Abstract :

The creatine kinase system (CK) is important for energy delivery in skeletal and cardiac muscles. The two main isoforms of this enzyme, cytosolic MM-CK and mitochondrial mi-CK, are expressed in a developmental and muscle-type specific manner. Mice deficient in one or both of these isoforms are viable and fertile but exhibit profound functional, metabolic and structural muscle remodelling that primarily affects fast skeletal muscles, which show an increased contribution of oxidative metabolism to contractile function. However, the consequences of these alterations in terms of physical capabilities have not yet been characterized.