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Aller, P ; Voiry, L ; Garnier, N ; Genest, M

Molecular dynamics (MD) investigations of preformed structures of the transmembrane domain of the oncogenic Neu receptor dimer in a DMPC bilayer

Biopolymers 77 (4) 184-197

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Abstract :

The critical Val/Glu mutation in the membrane spanning domain of the rat Neu receptor confers the ability for ligand-independent signaling and leads to increased dimerization and transforming ability. There is evidence that the two transmembrane interacting helices play a role in receptor activation by imposing orientation constraints to the intracellular tyrosine kinase domains. By using MD simulations we have attempted to discriminate between correct and improper helix-helix packing by examining the structural and energetic properties of preformed left-handed and right-handed structures in a fully hydrated DMPC bilayer. The best energetic balance between the residues at the helix-helix interface and the residues exposed to the lipids is obtained for helices in symmetrical left-handed interactions packed together via Glu side chain/Ala backbone interhelical hydrogen bonds.