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Samna Soumana, O ; Aller, P ; Garnier, N ; Genest, M

Transmembrane peptides from tyrosine kinase receptor. Mutation-related behavior in a lipid bilayer investigated by molecular dynamics simulations

Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics 23 (1) 91-100

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Abstract :

Polar mutations in transmembrane a helices may alter the structural details of the hydrophobic sequences and control intermolecular contacts. We have performed molecular dynamics simulations on the transmembrane domain of the proto-oncogenic and the oncogenic forms of the Neu receptor in a fluid DMPC bilayer to test whether the Gin mutation which replaces the Val residue at position 664 may alter the helical structure and its insertion in the membrane. The simulations show that the wild and the mutant forms of the transmembrane domain have a different behavior in the bilayer. The native transmembrane sequence is found to be more flexible than in the presence of the Glu mutation, characterized by a tendency to pi deformation to accommodate the helix length to the membrane thickness. The mutant form of this domain does not evidence helical deformation in the present simulation.