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Peyrot, F ; Grillon, C ; Vergely, C ; Rochette, L ; Ducrocq, C

Pharmacokinetics of 1-nitrosomelatonin and detection by EPR using iron dithiocarbamate complex in mice

Biochemical Journal 387 473-478 Part 2

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Abstract :

The N-nitroso-derivative of tnelatonin, NOM (1-nitrosomelatonin), which has been demonstrated to be a NOcenter dot [oxidonitrogen(center dot)] donor in buffered solutions, is a new potential drug particularly in neurological diseases. The advantage of NOM, a very lipophilic drug. is its ability to release both melatonin and NOcenter dot, an easily diffusible free radical. In order to evaluate the distribution and the pharmacokinetics of NOM, [O-methyl-H-3]NOM was administered to and followed in mice. A complementary method for monitoring NOM, EPR, was performed in vitro and ex vivo with (MGD)(2)-Fe2+ (iron-N-methyl-D-glucamine dithiocarbamate) complex as a spin trap.