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Woon, ST ; Reddy, CB ; Drummond, CJ ; Schooltink, MA ; Baguley, BC ; Kieda, C ; Ching, LM

A comparison of the ability of DMXAA and xanthenone analogues to activate NF-kappa B in murine and human cell lines

Oncology Research 15 (7-8) 351-364

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Abstract :

DMXAA (5,6-dimethylxanthenone-4-acetic acid), the most potent of a series of xanthenone (XAA) analogues developed in this laboratory, is currently undergoing combination clinical trials as an antivascular agent for cancer treatment. XAAs have a complex mode of action, and in vitro assays that are predictive of in vivo antitumor activity have been difficult to develop. In this study, we have utilized a series including XAA, DMXAA, and mono-substituted XAA derivatives to determine firstly whether in vitro NF-kappa B activation of mouse cell lines predicts for the in vivo antitumor potential of this class of agents, and secondly whether the relative activity of these analogues is similar in murine and human cell lines.