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Bielawska-Pohl, A ; Crola, C ; Caignard, A ; Gaudin, C ; Dus, D ; Kieda, C ; Chouaib, S

Human NK cells lyse organ-specific endothelial cells : Analysis of adhesion and cytotoxic mechanisms

Journal of Immunology 174 (9) 5573-5582

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Abstract :

Human organ-specific microvascular endothelial cells (ECs) were established and used in the present study to investigate their susceptibility to natural killer cell line (NKL)-induced lysis. Our data indicate that although IL-2-stimulated NKL (NKL2) cells adhered to the human peripheral (HPLNEC.B3), mesenteric lymph node (HNILNEQ, brain (HBrMEC), and lung (HLMEC) and skin (HSkMEC.2) ECs, they significantly killed these cells quite differently. A more pronounced lysis of OSECs was also observed when IL-2-stimulated, purified peripheral blood NK cells were used as effector cells. In line with the correlation observed between adhesion pattern and the susceptibility to NKL2-mediated killing, we demonstrated using different chelators that the necessary adhesion step was governed by an Mg2+-dependent, but Ca2+-independent, mechanism as opposed to the subsequent Ca2+- dependent killing.