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Da Silva, P ; Landon, C ; Industri, B ; Marais, A ; Marion, D ; Ponchet, M ; Vovelle, F

Solution structure of a tobacco lipid transfer protein exhibiting new biophysical and biological features

Proteins-Structure Function and Bioinformatics 59 (2) 356-367

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Abstract :

Plant lipid transfer proteins are small soluble extracellular proteins that are able to bind and transfer a variety of lipids in vitro. Recently, it has been proposed that lipid transfer proteins may play a key role in plant defence mechanisms, especially during the induction of systemic acquired resistance. However, very little is known about the proteins expressed in developing plants and tissues, since almost all the biophysical and structural data available to date on lipid transfer proteins originate from proteins present in storage tissues of monocot cereal seeds. In this paper, we report the structural and functional characteristics of a lipid transfer protein (named LTP1_1) constitutively expressed in young aerial organs of Nicotiana tabacum (common tobacco).