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Dura, MA ; Receveur-Brechot, V ; Andrieu, JP ; Ebel, C ; Schoehn, G ; Roussel, A ; Franzetti, B

Characterization of a TET-like aminopeptidase complex from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus horikoshii

Biochemistry 44 (9) 3477-3486

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Abstract :

Pyrococcus horikoshii open reading frame PH1527 encodes a 39014 Da protein that shares about 30% identity with endoglucanases and members of the M42 peptidase family. Analytical ultracentrifugation and electron microscopy studies showed that the purified recombinant protein forms stable, large dodecameric complexes with a tetrahedral shape similar to the one described for DAP, a deblocking aminopeptidase that was characterized in the same organism. The two related proteins were named PhTET1 (for DAP) and PhTET2 (for PH1527).