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Asseline, U ; Chassignol, M ; Aubert, Y ; Roig, V

Detection of terminal mismatches on DNA duplexes with fluorescent oligonucleotides

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 4 (10) 1949-1957

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Abstract :

This paper describes the design of terminal-mismatch discriminating fluorescent oligonucleotides (TMDFOs). The method is based on the use of sets of oligo-2’-deoxyribonucleotide probes linked via their 5’-ends, and varying-sized flexible polymethylene chains, to thiazole orange, with the linker being attached to the benzothiazole moiety. The sequence of each set of labelled probes was identical and complementary to the sequence to be analyzed on the single-stranded nucleic acid target except at the interrogation position, located at the 5’-end of the probes in a position adjacent to the attachment site of the label, where each of the four nucleic bases were incorporated. This work allowed the selection of probes showing, upon their hybridization with the target sequence, good discrimination between the matched and the mismatched duplexes under non-stringent conditions, with the mismatched duplexes being more fluorescent than the perfectly matched ones.