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Cremer, GA ; Tariq, H ; Delmas, AF

Combining a polar resin and a pseudo-proline to optimize the solid-phase synthesis of a ’difficult sequence’

Journal of Peptide Science 12 (6) 437-442

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Abstract :

This paper describes the optimization of a synthesis of a difficult sequence related to a 12-mer sequence of a Pan DR epitope (PADRE). Elongation was followed by on-line monitoring of the N-a-Fmoc removal adapted for the batch methodology. Studying the intrinsic factors related to the peptide-resin, such as substitution level, resin nature and backbone protecting group, has led to an increase in the elongation yield and purity of the crude peptide. Optimal elongation was obtained by combining a polar resin such as PEGA and a pseudo-proline as the backbone protecting group. Copyright (c) 2006 European Peptide Society and John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.