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Decostaire, IP ; Lelièvre, D ; Zhang, HH ; Delmas, AF

Controlling the outcome of overacylation of N-protected aminooxyacetic acid during the synthesis of an aminooxy-peptide for chemical ligation

Tetrahedron Letters 47 (39) 7057-7060

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Abstract :

An amino oxy-containing peptide, the nucleophile partner for oxime ligations, is usually grafted ona NH2-peptide resin by activating a protected aminooxyacetic acid as an active ester. Here, we have shown that its subsequent coupling to NH2-peptide resin competes with the overacylation of the -NH-O-nitrogen and that the overacylation level increases with the basicity of the reaction mixture. Moreover, we found that overacylation is prevented when the COOH of the Aoa-derivatives is engaged in an amide bond. (c) 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.