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Cremer, GA ; Bureaud, N ; Piller, V ; Kunz, H ; Piller, F ; Delmas, AF

Synthesis and biological evaluation of a multiantigenic Tn/TF-containing glycopeptide mimic of the tumor-related MUC1 glycoprotein (Publication ayant donné lieu à la couverture du numéro)

Chemmedchem 1 (9) 965-968

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Abstract :

The glycopeptide construct shown was synthesized using a convergent strategy based on oxime chemical ligation. It is composed of a universal T-helper and three tumor-related epitopes from the human mucin MUC1, an non-glycosylated repeat unit, and two units glycosylated with the Tn and TF epitopes, respectively. In association with a mild adjuvant suitable for human therapy, this construct elicited a strong specific immune response in mice, directed against natural tumor-associated structures.