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Foucher, F. ; Coupeau, C. ; Colin, J. ; Cimetiere, A. ; Grilhe, J

How does crystalline substrate plasticity modify thin film buckling ?

Physical Review Letters 97 (9) 96-101

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Abstract :

We report experimental atomic force microscopy observations and analytical modeling of buckling structures of thin films deposited on single crystal substrates. The formation of straight-sided blisters just above the step structures resulting from the dislocations emergence has been observed and explained in the framework of the Foppl-von Karman theory of thin plates. A critical step height above which the buckling may occur has been determined and the asymmetry of the resulting blisters has been explained. Finally, the new buckling criterion has been compared with the classical one in the plane case and allows us to explain the blisters localization on step structures.