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Landon, C ; Meudal, H ; Boulanger, N ; Bulet, P ; Vovelle, F

Solution structures of stomoxyn and spinigerin, two insect antimicrobial peptides with an a-helical conformation

Biopolymers 81 (2) 92-103

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Abstract :

Stomoxyn and spinigerin belong to the class of linear cysteine-free insect antimicrobial peptides that kill a range of microorganisms, parasites, and some viruses but without any lytic activity against mammalian erythrocytes. Stomoxyn is localized in the gut epithelium of the nonvector stable fly that is sympatric with the trypanosome vector tsetse fly. Spinigerin is stored and secreted by hemocytes from the fungus-growing termite.