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Sharonov, GV ; Karmakova, TA ; Kassies, R ; Pljutinskaya, AD ; Grin, MA ; Refregiers, M ; Yakubovskaya, RI ; Mironov, AF ; Maurizot, JC ; Vigny, P ; Otto, C ; Feofanov, AV

Cycloimide bacteriochlorin p derivatives : Photodynamic properties and cellular and tissue distribution

Free Radical Biology and Medicine 40 (3) 407-419

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Abstract :

Reactive oxygen species generated by photosensitizers are efficacious remedy for tumor eradication. Eleven cycloimide derivatives of bacteriochlorin p (CIBCs) with different N-substituents at the fused imide ring and various substituents replacing the 3-acetyl group were evaluated as photosensitizers with special emphasis on structure-activity relationships.