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Mockey, M ; Goncalves, C ; Dupuy, FP ; Lemoine, FM ; Pichon, C ; Midoux, P

mRNA transfection of dendritic cells : Synergistic effect of ARCA mRNA capping with Poly(A) chains in cis and in trans for a high protein expression level

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 340 (4) 1062-1068

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Abstract :

The occurrence of translation mechanism in the cytosol offers advantages to mRNA transfer over DNA-based transfection in nondividing cells. Here, we sought to optimize mRNA constructs allowing a high level of protein upon lipofection. We found that luciferase into mouse dendritic cells (JAWSII cells) was similar to 20-fold higher when the luciferase mRNA was capped with 3’-O-methyl-m7(5’)GpPP(5’)G (anti-reverse cap analogue ; ARCA) than with m7(5’)Gppp(5’)G (CAP).