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Freire, T ; Lo-Man, R ; Piller, F ; Piller, V ; Leclerc, C ; Bay, S

Enzymatic large-scale synthesis of MUC6-Tn glycoconjugates for antitumor vaccination

Glycobiology 16 (5) 390-401

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Abstract :

In cancer, mucins are aberrantly O-glycosylated, and consequently, they express tumor-associated antigens such as the Tn determinant (alpha-GalNAc-O-Ser/Thr). As compared with normal tissues, they also exhibit a different pattern of expression. In particular, MUC6, which is normally expressed only in gastric tissues, has been detected in intestinal, pulmonary, colorectal, and breast carcinomas. Recently, we have shown that the MCF7 breast cancer cell line expresses MUC6-Tn glycoproteins in vivo.