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Auphan-Anezin, N ; Mazza, C ; Guimezanes, A ; Barrett-Wilt, GA ; Montero-Julian, F ; Roussel, A ; Hunt, DF ; Malissen, B ; Schmitt-Verhulst, AM

Distinct orientation of the alloreactive monoclonal CD8 T cell activation program by three different peptide/MHC complexes

European Journal of Immunology 36 (7) 1856-1866

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Abstract :

We have characterized three different programs of activation for alloreactive CD8 T cells expressing the BM3.3 TCR, their elicitation depending on the characteristics of the stimulating peptide/MHC complex. The high-affinity interaction between the TCR and the K-b-associated endogenous peptide pBM1 (INFDFNTI) induced a complete differentiation program into effector cells correlated with sustained ERK activation. The k(bm8) variant elicited a partial activation program with delayed T cell proliferation, poor CTL activity and undetectable ERK phosphorylation ; this resulted from a low-avidity interaction of TCR BM3.3 with a newly identified endogenous peptide, pBM8 (SQYYYNSL).