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Leone, P ; Menu-Bouaouiche, L ; Peumans, WJ ; Payan, F ; Barre, A ; Roussel, A ; Van Damme, EJM ; Rouge, P

Resolution of the structure of the allergenic and antifungal banana fruit thaumatin-like protein at 1.7-angstrom

Biochimie 88 (1) 45-52

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Abstract :

The structure of a thaumatin-like protein from banana (Musa actuminata) fruit, an allergen with antifungal properties, was solved at 1.7-angstrom-resolution, by X-ray crystallography. Though the banana protein exhibits a very similar overall fold as thaumatin it markedly differs from the sweet-tasting protein by the presence of a Surface exposed electronegative cleft. Due to the presence of this electronegative cleft, the banana thaumatin-like protein (Ban-TLP) acquires a strong (local) electronegative character that eventually explains the observed antifungal activity.