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Roussel, A ; Lescar, J ; Vaney, MC ; Wengler, G ; Rey, FA

Structure and interactions at the viral surface of the envelope protein E1 of Semliki Forest virus

Structure 14 (1) 75-86

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Abstract :

Semliki Forest virus (SFV) is enveloped by a lipid bilayer enclosed within a glycoprotein cage made by glycoproteins E1 and E2. E1 is responsible for inducing membrane fusion, triggered by exposure to the acidic environment of the endosomes. Acidic pH induces E1/ E2 dissociation, allowing E1to interact with the target membrane, and, at the same time, to rearrange into E1 homotrimers that drive the membrane fusion reaction. We previously reported a preliminary C a trace of the monomeric E1 glycoprotein ectodomain and its organization on the virus particle. We also reported the 3.3 angstrom structure of the trimeric, fusogenic conformation of E1. Here, we report the crystal structure of monomeric E1 refined to 3 angstrom resolution and describe the amino acids involved in contacts in the virion. These results identify the major determinants for the E1/E2 icosahedral shell formation and open the way to rational mutagenesis approaches to shed light on SFV assembly.