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Stisova, V ; Goffinont, S ; Spotheim-Maurizot, M ; Davidkova, M

Radiation damage to DNA-protein specific complexes : Estrogen response element-estrogen receptor complex

Radiation Protection Dosimetry 122 (1-4) 106-109

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Abstract :

The exposure of a DNA-protein regulatory complex to ionising radiation induces damage to both partner biomolecules and thus can affect its functioning. Our study focuses on a complex formed by the estrogen response element (ERE) DNA and the recombinant human estrogen receptor alpha (ER), which mediates the signalling of female sex hormones, estrogens. The method of native polyacrylamide retardation gel electrophoresis is used to study the stability of the complex under irradiation by low LET radiation (Co-60 gamma rays) and the ability of the separately irradiated partners to form complexes. The relative probabilities of ERE DNA strand breakage and base damages as well as the probabilities of damages to the ER binding domain are calculated using the Monte Carlo method-based model RADACK.