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Decostaire, IP ; Lelièvre, D ; Aucagne, V ; Delmas, AF

Synergic effect of hydride and proton donors in the Pd(0)-mediated deprotection of N-a-Aloc proline derivatives

Tetrahedron Letters 48 6523-6526

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Abstract :

In this study, the challenging Pd(O)-catalyzed N-Aloc removal from a proline residue using Me2NH-BH3 or PhSiH3 as allyl scavengers has been investigated. Standard conditions led to a large amount of an allylamine byproduct. A careful study of the reactions allowed us to design the optimal conditions for the quick and quantitative formation of the desired product, while taking advantage of a synergic effect between hydride and proton donors. (c) 2007 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.