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Kuge, K ; Brack, A ; Fujii, N

Conformation-dependent racemization of aspartyl residues in peptides.

Chemistry-A European Journal 13 (19) 5617-5621

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Abstract :

Biologically uncommon D-aspartyl (D-Asp) residues have been detected in proteins of various tissues of elderly humans. The presence Of D-Asp has been explained as a result of the racemization of L-Asp (denoted as Asp) in the protein of inert tissues. We have previously suggested that the racemization of Asp may depend on the conformation of the peptide chain. However, the nature of the peptide conformation that affects the D-Asp formation has not yet been examined. Here we report the kinetics of Asp racemization in two model peptides, (Asp-Leu)(15) and (Leu-Asp-Asp-Leu)(8)-Asp, which form beta-sheet structures and ahelical structures, respectively.