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Cockell, CS ; Brack, A ; Wynn-Williams, DD ; Baglioni, P ; Brandstatter, F ; Demets, R ; Edwards, HGM ; Gronstal, AL ; Kurat, G ; Lee, P ; Osinski, GR ; Pearce, DA ; Pillinger, JM ; Roten, CA ; Sancisi-Frey, S

Interplanetary transfer of photosynthesis : An experimental demonstration of a selective dispersal filter in planetary island biogeography

Astrobiology 7 (1) 1-9

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Abstract :

We launched a cryptoendolithic habitat, made of a gneissic impactite inoculated with Chroococcidiopsis sp., into Earth orbit. After orbiting the Earth for 16 days, the rock entered the Earth’s atmosphere and was recovered in Kazakhstan. The heat of entry ablated and heated the rock to a temperature well above the. upper temperature limit for life to below the depth at which light levels are insufficient for photosynthetic organisms (similar to 5 mm), thus killing all of its photosynthetic inhabitants.