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Gonzalez, P ; Duneau, M ; Charpentier, S ; Normand, T ; Mollet, L ; Dubois, M ; Legrand, A

Destabilization of membranes containing cardiolipin or its precursors by peptides derived from mitogaligin, a cell death protein

Biochemistry 46 (25) 7374-7382

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Abstract :

Galig, a gene embedded within the galectin-3 gene, induces cell death when transfected in human cells. This death is associated with cell shrinkage, nuclei condensation, and aggregation of mitochondria. Galig contains two different overlapping open reading frames encoding two unrelated proteins. Previous observations have shown that one of these proteins, named mitogaligin, binds to mitochondria and promotes the release of cytochrome c. However, the mechanism of action of this cytotoxic protein remains still obscure.