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Srinivas, O ; Larrieu, P ; Duverger, E ; Boccaccio, C ; Bousser, MT ; Monsigny, M ; Fonteneau, JF ; Jotereau, F ; Roche, AC

Synthesis of glycocluster-tumor antigenic peptide conjugates for dendritic cell targeting

Bioconjugate Chemistry 18 1547-1554

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Abstract :

The use of dendritic cells (DC) for the development of therapeutic cancer vaccines is attractive because of their unique ability to present tumor epitopes via the MHC class I pathway to induce cytotoxic CD8(+) T lymphocyte responses. C-Type membrane lectins, DC-SIGN and the mannose receptor (MR), present on the DC surface, recognize oligosaccharides containing mannose and/or fucose and mediate sugar-specific endocytosis of synthetic oligolysine-based glycoclusters. We therefore asked whether a glycotargeting approach could be used to induce uptake and presentation of tumor antigens by DC. To this end, we designed and synthesized glycocluster conjugates containing a CD8(+) epitope of the Melan-A/Mart-l melanoma antigen.