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Foucher, F ; Coupeau, C ; Colin, J ; Cimetière, A ; Grilhé ; J

Influence of dislocation emergence process on buckling : an AFM experimental investigation

Material Research Society- Symposium Proceedings 12 1021-Hh06

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Abstract :

Nickel thin films deposited by sputtering methods on lithium fluoride single crystals have been strained to study the effect of the dislocation emergence on the mechanical behavior of coated materials. In these experiments, the samples had been investigated by in situ atomic force microscopy. It is shown that the buckling phenomenon preferentially occurs on the steps structures created by the dislocations coming from the substrate. In the frame of the Föppl-von Karman theory of thin plates, shape equations for the film on the area of emergence have been determined for the different levels of strain. These shape equations are compared to the experimental observations and it is concluded that the model needs to be modified to take into account the substrates effects.