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Mazier, S ; Genest, D

Molecular dynamics simulation for probing the flexibility of the 35 nucleotide SL1 sequence kissing complex from HIV-1Lai genomic RNA

Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics 24 (5) 471-479

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Abstract :

The SL1 stem-loop located in the encapsidaition domain is responsible for initiating the dimerisation of HIV-1 genomic RNA by means of a loop-loop interaction known as Kissing Complex (KC). The SLI secondary structure has been predicted as a 35 nucleotides [K. G. Murti, M. Bondurant, and A. Tereba. J Virol 37, 411-419 (198 1)] stem-loop composed of a 4 base pairs (bp) terminal duplex, a 4 nt asymmetrical internal loop, a 7 bp internal duplex, and a 9 nt apical loop. Several high resolution structures of the monomer and of KC of a 23 nt sequence containing only the internal duplex and the apical loop of SLI are available in the literature.