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Torres, S ; Prata, MIM ; Santos, AC ; André, JP ; Martins, JA ; Toth, E ; García-Martín, ML ; Rodrigues, TB ; López-Larrubia, P ; Cerdán, S ; Geraldes, CFGC

Gd(III)-EPTPAC16, a new self-assembling potential liver MRI contrast agent : in vitro characterization and in vivo animal imaging studies

NMR in Biomedicine 21, 322-336.

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Abstract :

The recently reported amphiphilic chelate, [Gd(EPTPAC(16))(H(2)O)](2-), forms supramolecular aggregates in aqueous solution by self-assembly of the monomers with a relaxometrically determined critical micellar concentration (CMC) of 0.34 mM. The effect of sonication on the aggregate size was characterized by dynamic light scattering and relaxometry, indicating the presence of premicellar aggregates and an overall decrease in aggregate size and polydispersity upon sonication, slightly below the CMC. [(153)Sm](EPTPAC(16))(H(2)O)(2-) radiotracer was evaluated in vivo from gamma scintigraphy and biodistribution in Wistar rats.