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Guezguez, B ; Vigneron, P ; Lamerant, N ; Kieda, C ; Jaffredo, T ; Dunon, D

Dual role of melanoma cell adhesion molecule (MCAM)/CD146 in lymphocyte endothelium interaction : MCAM/CD146 promotes rolling via microvilli induction in lymphocyte and is an endothelial adhesion receptor

Journal of Immunology 179 6673-6685

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Abstract :

The melanoma cell adhesion molecule (MCAM)/CD146 is expressed as two isoforms differing by their cytoplasmic domain (MCAM long (MCAM-1) and MCAM short (MCAM-s)). MCAM being expressed by endothelial cells and activated T cells, we analyzed its involvement in lymphocyte trafficking. The NK cell line NKL1 was transfected by MCAM isoforms and submitted to adhesion on both the endothelial cell monolayer and recombinant molecules under shear stress. MCAM-1 transfection reduced rolling velocity and increased NKL1 adhesion on the endothelial cell monolayer and VCAM-1.