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Lorin, M ; Delepee, R ; Maurizot, JC ; Ribet, JP ; Morin, P

Sensitivity improvement of circular dichroism detection in HPLC by using a low-pass electronic noise filter : Application to the enantiomeric determination purity of a basic drug

Chirality 19 (2) 106-113

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Abstract :

The quality control of chiral drugs requires the determination of their enantiomeric purity. Nowadays, circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy is gaining increasing importance in pharmaceutical analysis because of the commercially available CD detector in liquid chromatography. The separation of the two enantiomers of a basic drug (efaroxan) was achieved by high performance liquid chromatography using an amylose-derivated column with both UV and CD detections. A baseline-resolved separation (resolution : 5) was obtained after optimization of the mobile phase composition with hexane-ethanol-diethylamine (90:10:0.05 ; v/v/v).