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Bera, A ; Roche, AC ; Nandi, PK

Bending and unwinding of nucleic acid by prion protein

Biochemistry 46 (5) 1320-1328

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Abstract :

Nucleic acid induces conformational changes in the prion protein (23-231 amino acids) to a structure resembling its pathological isoform. The prion protein, in turn, facilitates DNA strand transfer and acts as a DNA chaperone which is modulated by the N-terminal unstructured basic segment of the protein. Here we have studied the prion protein induced conformational changes in DNA using oligonucleotides covalently labeled with the energy donor fluorescein and the acceptor rhodamine moieties by fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and by thermal stability of the unlabeled oligonucleotides. The protein induces a strong FRET effect in the oligonucleotides evidenced from the simultaneous quenching of fluorescence intensity of the donor and increase in the fluorescence intensity of the acceptor, which indicate bending of the oligonucleotides by the prion protein.