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Edwards, HGM ; Villar, SEJ ; Pullan, D ; Hargreaves, MD ; Hofmann, BA ; Westall, F

Morphological biosignatures from relict fossilised sedimentary geological specimens : a Raman spectroscopic study

Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 38 1352-1361

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Abstract :

Morphological biosignatures (features related to life) and associated terrestrial sedimentary structures that provide possible sampling targets for the remote astrobiological exploration of planets have been analysed using Raman spectroscopic techniques. The spectral data from a suite of samples comprising cryptochasmoendoliths, preserved microbial filaments and relict sedimentary structures comprise a preliminary database for the establishment of key Raman biosignatures. This will form the basis for the evaluation of prototype miniaturised instrumentation for the proposed ESA ExoMars mission scheduled for 2013.