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Richard, C ; Doan, BT ; Beloeil, JC ; Bessodes, M ; Toth, E ; Scherman, D

Noncovalent functionalization of carbon nanotubes with amphiphilic Gd3+ chelates : Toward powerful T-1 and T-2 MRI contrast agents

Nano Letters 8 232-236

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Abstract :

An amphiphilic gadolinium (III) chelate (GdL) was synthesized from commercially available stearic acid. Aqueous solutions of the complex at different concentrations (from 1 mM to 1 mu M) were prepared and adsorbed on multiwalled carbon nanotubes. The resulting suspensions were stable for several days and have been characterized with regard to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agent applications. Longitudinal water proton relaxivities, r(1), have been measured at 20, 300, and 500 MHz. The r(1) values show a strong dependence on the GdL concentration, particularly at low field.