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Livramento, JB ; Helm, L ; Sour, A ; O’Neil, C ; Merbach, AE ; Tóth, E

A benzene-core trinuclear GdIII complex : towards the optimization of relaxivity for MRI contrast agent applications at high magnetic field

Dalton Transactions (9) 1195-1202

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Abstract :

A novel ligand, H(12)L, based on a trimethylbenzene core bearing three methylenediethylenetriamine-N,N,N’’,N’’-tetraacetate moieties (-CH(2)DTTA(4-)) for Gd(3+) chelation has been synthesized, and its trinuclear Gd(3+) complex [Gd(3)L(H(2)O)(6)](3-) investigated with respect to MRI contrast agent applications. A multiple-field, variable-temperature (17)O NMR and proton relaxivity study on [Gd(3)L(H(2)O)(6)](3-) yielded the parameters characterizing water exchange and rotational dynamics. On the basis of the (17)O chemical shifts, bishydration of Gd(3+) could be evidenced. The water exchange rate, k(ex)(298) = 9.0 +/- 3.0 s(-1) is around twice as high as k(ex)(298) of the commercial [Gd(DTPA)(H(2)O)](2-) and comparable to those on analogous Gd(3+)-DTTA chelates. Despite the relatively small size of the complex, the rotational dynamics had to be described with the Lipari-Szabo approach, by separating global and local motions.