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Bertrand, M ; Brack, A

Preferential ß -sheet structuration of multiconformational poly(Glu-Leu) by metallic ions

Letters in Peptide Science 4 (4-6) 387-389

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Abstract :

Alternating poly(Glu-Leu) exhibits a random coil structure in pure water at neutral pH. The addition of 0.5 equiv of Ca2+ induces a coil-to-beta-sheet transition and the addition of 0.15 equiv of Fe3+ induces a coil-to-alpha-helix transition. Conformational competition between these two structures was studied by mixing preformed beta-sheets and alpha-helices in different proportions. Circular dichroism spectra clearly show that beta-sheets are favored at the expense of alpha-helices in beta-sheet-rich mixtures.