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Partidos, CD ; Ripley, J ; Delmas, A ; Obeid, OE ; Denbury, A ; Steward, MW

Fine specificity of the antibody response to a synthetic peptide from the fusion protein and protection against measles virus-induced encephalitis in a mouse model

Journal of General Virology 78 3227-3232 Part 12

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Abstract :

A synthetic peptide representing residues 397-420 from the measles virus (MV) fusion (F) protein was tested for its structure, immunogenicity and protective capacity against intracerebral challenge with a neuroadapted strain of MV, Analysis of the peptide by mass spectrometry showed that it was linear, despite the presence of two cysteine residues in the sequence, Circular dichroism spectroscopy highlighted a weak preference for the peptide to adopt an a-helical conformation. The peptide was shown to be immunogenic in BALB/c and C57BL/6 mice after intraperitoneal immunization in Freund’s adjuvant, and anti-peptide antibodies from both strains of mice reacted with the MV as a solid phase antigen on an ELISA plate.