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Duverger, E ; Delmotte, FM

Purification of lectins from Robinia pseudoacacia L root-tips

Plant Science 123 (1-2) 9-18

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Abstract :

The presence of lectins in Robinia pseudoacacia root-tip extracts was demonstrated by horse erythrocyte agglutination and aggregation of (neo)glycoprotein-coated beads. Two lectins were purified from a crude protein extract by ion-exchange and affinity chromatography. A mixture of lectins was obtained by cation-exchange chromatography on a CM-Trisacryl column. Rabinia pseudoacacia root agglutinin II (RPrAII) was further purified by specific elution from a GalNAc-BSA-Sepharose-4B column. Material passing through the GalNAc-BSA-Sepharose-4B column was still active as determined by erythrocyte agglutination, and aggregated orosomucoid-coated beads, this material was further purified by affinity chromatography on an orosomacuoid-Sepharose-4B column.