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Duneau, JP ; Garnier, N ; Genest, M

Insight into signal transduction : Structural alterations in transmembrane helices probed by multi-1 ns molecular dynamics simulations.

Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics, 15 (3) 555-572

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Abstract :

The hypothesis of structural alteration in transmembrane helices for signal transduction process is viewed by molecular dynamics simulation techniques. For the c-erbB-2 transmembrane domain involved in oncogenicity, the occurrence of conformational changes has been previously described as transition from the alpha to pi helix. This dynamical feature is thoroughly analyzed for the wild phenotype and oncogenic sequences from a series of 18 simulations carried out on one nanosecond time scale. We show that these structural events do not depend upon the conditions of simulations like force field or starting helix coordinates. We demonstrate that the oncogenic mutations Val659 Glu, Gln and Asp do not prevent the transition. Furthermore, we show that beta branched residues, in conjunction with Gly residues in the c-erbB-2 sequence, act as destabilizers for the alpha helix structure. pi deformations are tightly related to other local structural motifs found in soluble and membrane proteins. These structural alterations are discussed in term of structure-activity relationships for the c-erbB-2 activating mechanism mediated by transmembrane domain dimerization.