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Leclerc, M ; Bernalier, A ; Lelait, M ; Grivet, JP

C-13-NMR study of glucose and pyruvate catabolism in four acetogenic species isolated from the human colon

Fems Microbiology Letters 146 (2) 199-204

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Abstract :

Glucose fermentation by four acetogenic species (two Clostridium strains, one Streptococcus strain and Ruminococcus hydrogenotrophicus) isolated from the human colon was of a mixed-acid type, whereas pyruvate metabolism was characterised by homoacetogenesis. Acetate formation from [1-C-13] and [2-C-13]glucose was consistent with the formation of acetyl-SCoA from pyruvate generated by the Embden-Meyerhof-Parnas pathway. Labelling of lactate and ethanol demonstrated that these metabolites were formed by reduction of pyruvate and acetyl-SCoA, respectively. In contrast, the reductive pathway of acetate formation was the preferential means of re-oxidising cofactors formed during [I-C-13]pyruvate catabolism.